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Rent a Car
Terms and Conditions


Minimum period for renting

Service’s prices


Usage of the vehicle/obligation of the renter

User’s responsability in case of accidents/robbery

Driving abroad

Driving license

Additional drivers

Rent it here/bring it back there-one way rent


FULL insurance

Responsibility limits

1. Reservation:

If you have a reservation you should reconfirm it within 72-h prior the requested day.

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2. Minimum period for renting:

24 h, no matter the distance

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3. Service’s prices:

One day means 24 h after you get the car. If you delay to return the car (to bring back the car) with more than 1 h you will be charged with another day.

3.1 Price includes:
  - Oil, maintenance,
  - insurance;
3.2 Price doesn’t include:
  - Fuel,
  - Transfers;

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4. Fuel:

At the beginning car is provided with full tank. Tank should be full when client bring back the car.

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5. Usage of the vehicle/obligation of the renter:

The vehicle should be used only for transporting people, under normal conditions and only proper roads.

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6. User’s responsability in case of accidents/robbery:

In case of car’s accident/robbery, to be able to retrive the damages through insurance is compulsory that the damages to be declared at the closer Police station. If the user cannot provide any documents (minut) isuued by Police, damages cannot be covered by insurance and it will be paid by him.

The user must inform Trans Air Agency about any incidents.

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7. Driving abroad:

It’s strictly prohibited to go out of the country with rented car.

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8. Driving license

All drivers should have a driving license least 1 year old also should be valid in Romania.

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9. Additional drivers:

For every additional driver is a charge of 5 EUR/day. In case of accidents and the car was driven by another driver than user, the responsibility is completely user’s (who signed the contract).

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10. Rent it here/bring it back there-one way rent:

If user gets the car at more than 30 km away from Tg.Mures he will be charged with additional fee. Car should be returned at Tg.Mures.

If he returns the car in other place at more than 30 km away from Tg.Mures, he also will be charged with additional fee.

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11. Deposit:

It’s request a deposit for rental, minimum 300 EUR. Deposit is completely refundable if no damages when returning the vehicle.

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12. FULL insurance:

Is valid if you look up to 5/6/7/9/13.

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13. Responsibility limits:

In case of major negligence or driving under alcohol/drugs influence, we will charge up to whole amount of damages.

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